CU-ICAR Unveiling a Success


2014 Car2014 Car 2

The 2014 Clemson Formula SAE Car (Tentatively named “Sabrina”) made a stunning debut at the CUICAR unveiling with CUBAJA. The team worked endless hours to prepare the car for its first showing and we think the results are fantastic. We can’t wait to get this one on the track and see what it can do. The car still needs to have a few tweaks, but those parts have already been assembled and all that remains is simple installation.

We’d like to thank our sponsors for all of their assistance, and if you’d like to see where your decal has landed on our car, send us a note and we’ll be happy to get you a picture! We’d also like to thank CUICAR, Dr. Robert Prucka, and Clemson Formula SAE Alumni Victor Hugo for their assistance in running point on this event.

SAE Teams Unveiling Night – This Friday!

SnipforWebsitePost Midspring 2014We’re really excited to announce that both of Clemson’s SAE design teams will be unveiling their 2014 competition series vehicles this Friday at the Campbell Graduate Center at the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research.  Join us at CUICAR at 4pm for a reception with refreshments followed by the unveiling at 5pm.  Everyone is welcome to attend! For more information, check out our mid spring newsletter by clicking here.

Spring Donations Kick the Bodywork Team Into High Gear


Our Spring Break has been filled with welding, grinding, milling, turning, layups, and Bondo, and Airtech Advanced Materials Group has donated a ton of material to get the bodywork team through the next step of carbon-fiber layup. Airtech supplied cotton batting, breather material, vacuum bagging, vacuum tape, and about all the release films and peel-ply that you can imagine. We’re super excited to try out the material which should give us some of the best carbon fiber layup results we’ve ever had. Thank you Airtech!


February Newsletter


Check out the February newsletter featuring the following: New and Returning Sponsor Updates, SPSU Invitational Update, Fabrication Progress Report, Fundraising for Michigan and Lincoln, and Driver Tryout Results.

CU-ICAR Machine Training


CU-ICAR came out to support the Clemson Formula Team this Friday by spreading their knowledge. Gary Mathis is in charge of Machining and Fabrication Technical Support at CU-ICAR. Gary gave new and old members a lesson on how to better use the lathe, which is much needed for a team so dependent on in-house machining. We’d like to thank Gary for taking the time to come out and help the members.

Blaze of Glory at SPSU Invitational


The Clemson Formula SAE heated things up with a victory at the Southern Polytechnic State University Invitational. With temperatures below freezing throughout the competition, it is only fitting that the 2013 car ended the day with a little fire.

Kenny Brown and Grey Roberts drove the 2013 car in a mini-competition hosted by SPSU featuring cars from Mississippi State, Georgia Tech, SPSU, and our entry. After competing in skidpad, acceleration, autocross, and endurance, the Clemson Formula team finished first, but not without a dazzling exit. Midway through endurance, the right front caliper broke a seal and brake fluid ignited, setting the tire ablaze. The fire was quickly doused with a fire extinguisher and no one was hurt.

We’d like to thank SPSU for holding this mini-competition and for all the universities that participated. You can find a full write-up as well as pictures from the event in our upcoming February Newsletter.

The 2014 Sponsorship Package Is Up!

Cover Screenshot

The 2014 Clemson Formula SAE Sponsorship package captures the team’s history as well as recent accomplishments and information for potential and current sponsors. We have to extend our sincerest gratitude to Mr. Pulley’s English 314 class at Clemson University for helping us create this fine brochure. You can click on the picture to access the package or you can go to the sponsorship tab on the top of this webpage and reach the file there.

The First Annual FSAE Match Race at Lamar County Speedway, GA


This week the team will be preparing to compete in the first annual FSAE Match Race at Lamar County Speedway in Georgia.  Competing in the event will be the top schools in the Southeastern, US, including Georgia Tech, Georgia Southern, Alabama, and more.  The race will feature three rounds of standing start, three lap time trials with the top teams advancing on to the next round.  Keep an eye out on our website and Facebook page for updates and results from the race, happening this Saturday, October 26th.

Pre-Season Newsletter is Ready!

Newsletter Snapshot

The Clemson Formula SAE team is ready for a new year and a new build. We worked all summer to set up for the new season and now it’s time to get to business. Be on the lookout for website updates featuring our new sponsors and recent competition pictures!

This issue features our newly inducted leaders as well as our summer test progress and new partnerships. Click on the picture to read our pre-season newsletter!

2013 FSAE Michigan Post-Race Newsletter

2013 FSAEM Post Race Newsletter SnipIt’s that time again!  The CUFSAE newsletter is back and with an all new cover layout.  Our special post-race edition has a full recap of the race all in one place with details you didn’t get from our posts.

Thanks again to all of our sponsors, without whom our 14th place finish could not have been possible.  Look out for another newsletter in mid-late July with an update on our summer progress. Click the picture to the left for our newsletter.